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“It’s weird, sometimes I feel like my husband and I are much closer after going through the pregnancy and birth.  But then we seem so far apart.  We never seem to have time together except when we are collapsed on the couch watching TV.” ~ Amy, 35

“Our relationship has changed for the worse.  We bicker more and have sex less.  I don’t even want to go there so I don’t show him any affection.  We have our baby but we seem to have lost each other.” ~ Tina, 38

Few couples are prepared for the impact a baby will have on their relationship.

The couple relationship undergoes a profound transition as you welcome a baby.  As you venture into parenthood with all the stresses, challenges and joys that it brings, each of you will adjust differently to your new role as a parent.

For first time parents, you move from being just the two of you to including a third – a little one who is utterly dependent on you both.  With the arrival of a second baby, the family system shifts again and there is another little dependent one for you to care for.  And so it continues if your family grows.

The reality is, when bringing a new member into the family, the couple relationship takes a hit.  We know that the quality of a couple’s relationship in pregnancy is the strongest predictor of adjustment when baby arrives.  The couples who have a strong friendship tend to adjust better than those who don’t.  But even with a strong friendship in place, we know that in the first year after birth relationship conflict increases while conversations decrease and revolve around mundane components of daily activity.  It’s obvious, but the other changes are that you will have less time together as a couple as well as some changes in your level of intimacy and sexual activity – these may be short-lived or not.

We can help you prepare for the changes in your relationship before your baby arrives, or assist in your transition to parenthood once your baby is here.  We work with heterosexual and same sex couples.

Common reasons couples seek help from us:

  • Difficult journey to becoming parents – e.g., assisted conception, perinatal loss
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Antenatal preparation for the changes a baby will bring
  • Managing relationship changes after baby arrives
  • Improving communication skills
  • Role expectations in parenting and running of household
  • Conflict about parenting approaches
  • A shift in sexual or emotional intimacy

This is such a tender time for couples.  We are here to help you be the strongest and happiest unit you can be.  Nurturing your baby and facing the challenges of parenting are easier when your couple relationship is on track.

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