About Us

Our Vision

The Centre for Perinatal Psychology is committed to strengthening relationships and facilitating joyful and confident parenting during the perinatal period.

We recognise infancy as a critical time for emotional and social development, and early parenthood as a psychologically vulnerable time for mothers and fathers.

We promote the perinatal period as a unique developmental phase, where all members of the family need to be considered, nurtured and supported.

Our Mission

The Centre for Perinatal Psychology’s missions are to:

  • Offer the public national access to high quality specialised psychological services for mothers, fathers, infants, couples and families during the perinatal period;
  • Offer parenting groups to strengthen attachment relationships and reflective parenting practices;
  • Provide professional development, including training and supervision, to health professionals working with a perinatal population.

Our Values


We respect others, their differences and beliefs.  We accept diversity.  We treat others with dignity, compassion and kindness.


We aim to understand others’ perspectives and the impact of their experiences.  We do this in a way that creates connection and security.

Best Practice

We draw on cutting edge research and clinical skills in the specialist field of perinatal and infant mental health.


We act with honesty, integrity and transparency.


Dr Bronwyn Leigh established Perinatal Psychology in the Melbourne suburb of Fairfield in 2008.  Over the years, additional psychologists joined the team and our reputation for quality and specialised services grew.

Bronwyn had a long-held desire to provide a centralised service for parents seeking help and also to unite perinatal psychologists nationally.  To meet these goals, the Centre for Perinatal Psychology was formally established in 2015.

The establishment of the Centre reflects Bronwyn’s commitment to create a consortium of skilled psychologists who share her vision, mission and values for providing high quality specialised psychological services to parents and their babies.

All psychologists offering their services through the Centre for Perinatal Psychology have been personally selected for their professional expertise in working with parents and infants.  They are respectful, empathic and act with kindness and integrity.

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