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Dr Bronwyn Leigh, Director of the Centre for Perinatal Psychology, can be contacted for media enquiries.  Bronwyn has provided media interviews on topics related to the psychology of parents and infants during the perinatal period.  Other psychologists with the Centre for Perinatal Psychology may also be available for media comment.  Please contact Bronwyn to discuss.


Selected print media contributions:


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Managing personal space as a mum

Invited interview by Sarah Wayland, Essential Baby website (2014)












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Old life vs new life: the struggle of becoming a new mum

Invited interview by Lucy Ballinger, Body + Soul Mums (2012)













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Sad but true: postnatal depression

Invited interview by Bronwyn McNulty, Practical Parenting Magazine (2008)








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Facing the inconceivable: IVF

Invited interview by Hanna Marton, Let’s talk about fertility handbook published by Genea







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No fear factor

Invited interview by Hanna Marton, Practical Parenting Magazine (2012)






 Pensive Pregnancies

Invited interview by Kylie Ladd, Melbourne’s Child Magazine (2007)

 Sleep disorder link to postnatal blues

Invited interview by Carla Danaher, Herald Sun (2007)


Radio interviews:
Interviews on Sydney SFM 99.3 Community Radio and Sydney 89.7FM Eastside Radio discussing perinatal loss and grief counselling (2007)

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