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“We fell pregnant without trying and I was so confused – I was excited to be pregnant, but I wasn’t ready. I had wanted to wait another couple of years.  I started to feel resentful towards the baby for making me give up my life before I was ready.” ~ Amy, 27

“My self esteem has really taken a hit during the 18 months we have been on IVF.  What is meant to be a natural, loving and intimate act to conceive a baby has become sterile and medical.  I doubt my femininity, and given I’ve not been able to conceive naturally, I wonder if I will I be a natural mother. I’ve been betrayed by my own body and now it’s hard to trust that it will successfully carry a pregnancy, manage birth and be capable of breastfeeding.” ~ Maxine, 36

“We conceived our first child easily, within a few months, but trying for our second is proving to be hard.  I never expected that.” ~ Monica, 34

Conception for many people is straightforward, planned and wanted.  But for a significant and growing number the conception experience does not go to plan.  For some, conception is unplanned and untimely, leaving parents wondering whether to proceed, or raising feelings of resentment towards the baby.

For others, conception can be a protracted experience that requires medical intervention. One in six Australian couples will have difficulty achieving a pregnancy.  This can be a primary (trying for your first) or secondary (trying for your second or subsequent) infertility. We know that anxieties can skyrocket during this time – and understandably.  There are many factors out of your control, many uncertainties and all the while the clock is ticking with urgency.  The rollercoaster takes off in the days planning to increase your chances… and then the waiting, waiting, waiting… it’s tough going, and you don’t have to bear it alone.

At the Centre for Perinatal Psychology, we can support you through these difficult times, and help you prepare for parenthood, no matter what stage you are at in your conception journey.  Whether you are in a heterosexual or same sex relationship or if you are not partnered, we welcome working with you during this difficult time.

Common reasons for seeking help with us around preconception and conception:

  • Desire to become pregnant but fears about becoming a parent (“Will I be a good-enough mother or father?”)
  • Unplanned pregnancy – wanted or unwanted
  • Infertility – female and/or male
  • Fertility treatment – including same sex couples and single mothers
  • Secondary infertility – trying unsuccessfully for your second or subsequent
  • Depression, anxiety or stress that may be adversely impact conception

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