Centre for Perinatal Psychology provides training, supervision, consultation and mentorship to those interested in, or currently working with, a perinatal population.   We are dedicated to supporting the community of perinatal and infant mental health workers through our professional development activities.


Perinatal and Infant Mental Health: Using a Relationship-Based Approach to Working with Parents and Infants
3-day intensive

May 2018 – Melbourne
June/July 2018 – Brisbane

Our signature workshop, running since 2012, is designed for health professionals either currently working with, or who have a desire to work with, families during the perinatal period. Read more here


Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN)

Outer Eastern Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Network
Location: Ringwood, VIC
Coordinator: Dr Bronwyn Leigh

Quarterly free presentations and discussions from those working in the field.  Open to all health professionals with an interest in perinatal and infant mental health.  Meetings are a 2-hr duration and the 1-hr presentations occur within that time, followed by further discussion and networking.

2018 Program:

Tuesday 20 February 2018
Topic: Bringing infant neurobehavioural research to the fore for parents: Baby Ready, Baby Steady, Baby Go!
Presenter: Dr Nisha Brown, Neonatal & Paediatric OT, private practice (Melbourne) and Royal Women’s Hospital

Tuesday 15 May 2018
Presenters: Prof Jeannette Milgrom and Dr Holly Andrews will join us and talk of the innovative treatments developed by the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) with manualized treatments for ante and postnatal depression and parent-infant work. The linked services including the BUPA Parent-Baby Wellbeing Program will also be described.

Topic: “Making a difference: achieving change in the distressed perinatal population (mothers, fathers and babies)”

Each year over 70,000 Australian women suffer antenatal and/or postnatal depression, and the figures are likely to be just as high for anxiety. The estimated costs are over half a billion dollars. The enormous impact is obvious when we also contemplate well beyond the significant suffering and economic costs in the short-term, and reflect on the longer-term ramifications – with the scientifically supported connection between mental health illness in parents and poorer development in their children.

Jeannette is the Director, of PIRI and also Director of Psychology at Austin Health and Professor, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne. She is the Immediate Past President, International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health. She established PIRI in 2001 as a Centre of Excellence.

PIRI and the Perinatal Mental Health Clinic are committed to supporting parent well-being and infant development (conception to 2 years) through research and evidence based treatments.

  • The areas of speciality include:
    • Antenatal and postnatal depression/ anxiety
    • Transition to parenthood
    • Premature birth
    • The mother-infant relationship


Holly coordinates the PIRI Bupa Parent Baby Wellbeing Program and also works in the Perinatal Mental Health Clinic and the Parent Infant Mental Health Initiative at Austin Health. She also has experience with high risk parents and infants, DBT and the attachment framework.

The Perinatal Mental Health Clinic at Austin Health is co-located with PIRI. This service provides some of the PIRI treatment programs including the Getting Ahead of Postnatal Depression Group Program– a 12 session CBT-based group program for women and their partners designed for the postnatal period and adapted for pregnancy; the Community HUGS Playgroup– a 10 session therapeutic playgroup focused on better understanding and enhancing mother-infant interactions; and MumMoodBooster– an online CBT-based treatment program for postnatal depression.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Presenter: Dr Adaobi Udechuku, Perinatal Psychiatrist and Co-Director GLOW Perinatal Emotional Health and Wellbeing Clinic
Topic: Psychotropic Medication During the Perinatal Period – what is useful for those working with a perinatal population & how to address your client’s questions

Perinatal mental health in the 21st Century necessitates a broader perspective that acknowledges health is not just the absence of disease. Contemporary perinatal mental health requires a multifaceted, multi-disciplinary and multimodal approach – an array of practitioners utilising a range of approaches to support the mother, keep the infant in mind and address the needs of fathers. Within this broader context, this presentation will summarises the role of psychotropic medications in the perinatal period with a particular focus on high prevalence disorders and what information is useful for those working with a perinatal population.

Dr Adaobi Udechuku is an Australian trained perinatal psychiatrist involved in perinatal mental health since 1998.  She is Co-Founder and Director of GLOW Perinatal Emotional Health.

GLOW is a unique clinic located in Melbourne’s South East that optimizes the perinatal emotional health of mothers, fathers, infants and families from wellness through to significant mental illness.

“In establishing GLOW with Dr Lucinda Smith, I wanted to create a unique space, where families feel welcomed and supported, and wellbeing and wellness are a priority.  From yoga to psychotherapy, massage to medication at GLOW, we focus on both mind and body, addressing the entire health spectrum from wellness to significant psychological illness.  GLOW is about well parent, well infant, well communities and well futures.  It’s that simple.”


Tuesday 20 November 2018
Topic: Mindfulness for the perinatal period: the role of mindfulness in managing wellbeing and fostering a secure parent-child relationship
Presenter: Dr Adrienne Brown, Centre for Perinatal Psychology and Mindful Beginnings

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The following is a sample of past seminars and presentations provided by Dr Bronwyn Leigh.


2012-ongoing    Centre for Perinatal Psychology, national training, various locations

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health: Using a Relationship-Based Approach to Perinatal Mood Disturbance. 3-day workshop to mental health professionals.  This workshop has been facilitated in Melbourne, Launceston, Hobart, Brisbane and Cairns.

2017    PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia), Melbourne

Anxiety – How it impacts on expecting and new parents and how you can help make a difference. Contributed to a 1-day workshop to mental health professionals.

 2016    Anxiety Practitioner’s Network, Sydney

Perinatal Anxiety: Holding the Infant in Mind when Mum is Anxious. 1-day workshop to mental health professionals.

 2015     PDP Seminars, Melbourne

Mentalization, Affect Regulation and Attachment: An Introduction. 1-day workshop to mental health professionals.

2014     Mercy Health O’Connell Family Centre, Melbourne

Attachment in Practice. Half-day workshop to staff (in-house training), which included maternal child health nurses, mothercraft nurses, managers, a psychologist, a psychiatrist.  O’Connell is one of three public Early Parenting Centres in Victoria.

2013     Mental Health Professionals Network, Ulverstone Tasmania

Mentalization, Affect Regulation and Attachment: An Introduction. 1-day workshop to mental health professionals.

2013     Parent-Infant Research Institute, Melbourne

Mentalization and Parental Reflective Function: An Introduction. 1-day workshop to mental health professionals.

2011     APS Perinatal and Infant Psychology Interest Group, Melbourne

Mentalization, Affect Regulation and Attachment. 2-hour presentation to psychologists.

2010     Keene Insight, Child and Adolescent Private Practice, Melbourne

Attachment during the Perinatal Period and Beyond. 2-hour presentation to psychologists and allied health professionals.

2011     Paediatrician Group, Melbourne

Mindful Parenting. 1-hour presentation to paediatricians, obstetricians and GPs.

2009     College of Lactation Consultants, Melbourne

Mindful Parenting applied to Breastfeeding. 1-hour presentation to lactation consultants.

2010     APS College of Health Psychologists, Melbourne

Perinatal Mood Disturbance. 2-hour presentation to psychologists.

2005      Northern Division of General Practitioners, Melbourne

Postnatal Depression: Detection, Formulation and Management. 2-hour presentation to general practitioners, co-facilitated with perinatal psychiatrist Dr Adaobi Udechuku.



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