Our Approach

We Promote Parent & Infant Wellbeing

At the Centre for Perinatal Psychology we use evidence-based approaches to promote psychological health for parents and their babies.

As highly skilled and experienced psychologists, we tailor our approach to you.

We recognise the delicate balance between following your needs, providing you space to explore issues, and your desire for direction and expert input.

All psychologists at the Centre for Perinatal Psychology are deeply interested in exploring ways to facilitate joyful parenting and a secure, loving bond between parents and infants.  We are used to helping parents manage their concerns in parenting their baby or toddler.

We use various therapeutic approaches and try to understand the problems families bring by considering all family members.

Our treatments may include cognitive, behavioural and mindfulness based approaches, while allowing space to explore and develop insight.  We draw on evidence-based theories including attachment and psychodynamic theories, as well as infant development research to help understand the problems at hand. We hold an interest in strengthening the reflective capacity of parents as this has been shown to be important for effective parenting.

Each psychologist with the Centre for Perinatal Psychology has their own way of working and areas of interest.  You can search for your nearest psychologist here and read their profiles.

Health professionals refer to us with confidence, assured in the knowledge that we are highly trained and experienced psychologists with expertise in maternal, paternal and infant wellbeing.

Parents are welcome to bring their baby to sessions if they want or need to.

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