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Support for Same-sex Parents – counselling during fertility treatment, preparation for parenthood, antenatal depression or anxiety, PND, postnatal anxiety, relationship changes, adjustment to parenthood – we can help…

“It was a long journey for us to get our baby.  I just want to be the perfect parent – to prove everyone wrong. I can be a good Mum, we can be great Mums, our kids can do well with two mummies.~ Lori & Fiona

“I worry about how my baby will be treated by other kids when she goes to school – school was hard for me.” ~ Sandy

There are many diverse family structures nowadays and the past decade has seen a rise in the number of gay and lesbian parented families.  Still, predominant parenting paradigms of heterosexual two-parent families can leave same-sex couples or a same-sex solo parent feeling isolated.  We understand that there are significant challenges for lesbian and gay parents including considerable discrimination and inequity.

The Centre for Perinatal Psychology is committed to supporting same-sex parented families and advocating against prejudice.  In line with evidence-based research, we actively promote that positive infant, toddler and child developmental outcomes emerge from the quality of relationships within a family, and not from the family structure.  Research indicates the health and wellbeing of children raised in same-sex parented families is equal to, and sometimes greater than, children from traditional family structures.  We support gay and lesbian parental rights.

Given the additional stressors faced by same-sex couples navigating the journey to become a parent, it is important to prioritise your mental health and your couple relationship. We can help you prepare for the changes in your relationship before your baby arrives, or assist in your transition to parenthood once your baby is here.

Common reasons same-sex couples or individuals seek help from us:

  • Support during fertility treatment
  • Perinatal loss
  • Antenatal preparation for the changes a baby will bring
  • Managing relationship changes after baby arrives
  • Improving communication skills
  • Role expectations in parenting and running of household
  • Conflict about parenting approaches
  • A shift in sexual or emotional intimacy
  • Mental health concerns – stress, depression, anxiety
  • Establishing a secure bond and enjoyable relationship with your baby
  • Consulting about parenting practices and approaches

We recognise that same-sex couples have additional stressors in becoming parents and in the early parenting journey.  We are here to help you be the strongest and happiest unit you can be so you can enjoy your baby and raise resilient children.

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