Mindful Beginnings Antenatal Courses – Melbourne

A one-day one-to-one antenatal course in Thornbury, Melbourne

The Mindful Beginnings Antenatal Course is a 1-day course for the pregnant woman and her birthing partner.

The course provides participants with core skills around pregnancy and childbirth. It also equips participants with a strong foundation in mindfulness practice, which has many applications during this period and provides benefits beyond the birth of your baby.

Topics covered include:

  • How to cultivate mindfulness
  • Power of the breath in labour
  • Sitting with uncertainty
  • Coping with tress, fatigue, anxiety and fear
  • Mindfulness for pain management
  • Bonding with your baby during pregnancy
  • Coping with unmet expectations
  • Self-compassion

The cost of this course is $595. The birthing partner attends for free. Rebates are available to those with a relevant mental health care plan or private health insurance.

Register for both the Mindful Beginnings Antenatal Course and the Parenting Workshop and receive 50% of the cost of the parenting workshop.

Groups are facilitated by Dr Adrienne Brown, Clinical Psychologist, and co-facilitated with a midwife.


To make an enquiry about the Mindful Beginnings Antenatal Course, please phone 0406 384 130 or contact us.

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