Together with Baby Program – Sydney

A 5-session parent-infant group in Turramurra & Beecroft, Sydney

Did you know that babies enter the world primed for communication, ready to connect and communicate with their caregivers?

Together with Baby Program provides parents with the opportunity to learn about the ways in which babies use body language, sounds, and other signals to communicate their needs. The program is offered at two Sydney locations:
Turramurra – at Let’s Talk Psychology Practice
Beecroft – at 
RWA Psychology

Together with Baby is a 3-week program for parents and their infants.

Imagine having the opportunity to pause…
to step out of the busy ‘doing’ that is so easy to get caught up in… to sink into ‘being’ present with your baby… allowing yourself the space to get to know your baby as the little person that they are… and to grow into your own skin as a parent!

Gift yourself with this opportunity by enrolling in a Together with Baby Program.

Why should I attend Together with Baby?

Healthy touch, stroking, and skin to skin contact has been shown to support a baby’s emotional, social, and early brain development.

Using a unique combination of massage strokes Together with Baby supports parents in
how to use touch, massage, voice and movement to deepen their bond with their baby whilst promoting positive infant psychological wellbeing.

More specifically, Together with Baby has the potential to:

• reduce infant crying
• help improve settling and soothing
• support a baby’s development and wellbeing
• help protect and promote a baby’s mental health if their mother is recovering from postnatal depression, and
• help babies bond with their dads which in turn supports a babies social and physical development.

The Together with Baby Program teaches parents how to watch out for and interpret their baby’s communication cues and how to respond with appropriate caregiving behaviours.

Your questions answered…


The course runs for three consecutive weeks for 1.5hrs/week.


Each session includes morning tea, a relaxation exercise, demonstration and practice of infant massage strokes, and a discussion of a specific topic related to infant and caregiver wellbeing (e.g. crying and communication, mindful awareness, self-care).

You are provided with a bottle of organic baby massage oil and use of all our cushions, pillows, and blankets needed for your own and your baby’s comfort.


You simply need to bring yourself and your baby.


Places are strictly limited to 5-6 participants.


The all inclusive cost of the 3-week Together with Baby Program is $390.

Next group starts Friday 28 February 2020 – Beecroft

Groups are facilitated by Dr Charise Deveney (Turramurra) and Rebecca Wheeler (Beecroft).

To make an enquiry about a Together with Baby Program, please phone 02 9980 1400 or contact us.

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