Importance of Antenatal Classes

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By Melissa Grant from Nourish Perinatal Wellness

What are Antenatal Classes?

Antenatal classes, also known as prenatal classes or childbirth education, are designed to prepare you for your upcoming labour and birth and first few weeks with your newborn baby.

Do I Need to Go to Antenatal Classes?

Technically you don’t have to go to antenatal classes but I like to use the analogy of your wedding or other significant occasion in your life – how much planning went into that to ensure a stress-free experience for all parties involved? A good antenatal class will provide you and your partner with all the essential information you need to go into your labour and birth feeling relaxed and capable. While the content may vary slightly from one antenatal class to the next, topics should include most of the following:

  • How to prepare for labour
  • Induction of labour: when and why this may occur
  • Labour signs and symptoms
  • The stages and process of labour, birth and delivery
  • When to call the hospital and what to expect when you arrive
  • Positions to try during labour
  • Breathing techniques to use during labour
  • Labour pains and pain relief options
  • Potential complications in labour
  • Early days with baby

How Much Do Antenatal Classes Cost?

There are a number of options when it comes to antenatal classes, with the cost and availability varying depending on where you live. Some antenatal class costs may also be eligible for a rebate with your private health care provider. Options include:

  • Hospital classes
  • Hypno-birthing classes
  • Calmbirth classes
  • Active birth classes
  • Online antenatal classes

When should I book my antenatal classes?

No bookings required if you choose the online antenatal class route, however if you are looking at attending an in-person class it’s best to book early so you don’t miss out. Towards the end of your second trimester (around 18-20 weeks) is recommended. In terms of actually attending the classes – you’ll want to do them in your third trimester (around 30 weeks) so it’s top of mind come D-day.

Online antenatal classes

Complementing your hospital class with an online antenatal class is also a great option as you can continue to replay the video right through until after baby is born.  Nourish Perinatal Wellness not only offers labour and birth preparation, but also information on:

  • fertility & pregnancy health
  • breastfeeding & bottle feeding
  • baby & toddler sleep
  • baby & toddler care
  • parenting and relationship transitions


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About the Author

Melissa Grant is the Founder of Nourish Baby. She is also a Registered Circle of Security© Parent Educator and RUBY volunteer mother, providing telephone support to first time breastfeeding mothers. She believes the ability to learn in your own time and at your own pace, is the key to a positive birth and parenting experience.

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