The First Thousand Days

by Dr Bronwyn Leigh Recent Australian research carried out by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has focused on what they are calling the first critical 1000 days. The first 1000 days covers three discrete developmental periods: Preconception Pregnancy Infancy During these times, creating ‘optimal conditions’ for baby is the best way to promote physical, emotional and […]

Emotional Wellbeing and New Parenthood: The Healthy Mind Platter

The Healthy Mind Platter for Optimal Brain Matter. Copyright © 2011 David Rock and Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. All rights reserved. Used with permission. By Dr Yoko Hayashi There is no doubt that becoming a parent makes it challenging to look after your own physical and emotional wellbeing. It is difficult to find time for yourself […]

The ‘Good Enough’ Parent

By Dr Bronwyn Leigh “The good-enough mother is one who makes active adaptation to the infant’s needs, an active adaptation that gradually lessens, according to the infant’s growing ability to account for failure of adaptation and to tolerate the results of frustration.” – D. W. Winnicott, paediatrician and parent-infant therapist ‘Good enough’ parenting encompasses being […]