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Dr Levita D’Souza
Perinatal Psychologist
PG Dip Psych, DPsych (Counselling Psych)

Levita is a Counselling Psychologist in private practice, researcher, lecturer and mother – these roles are all connected by a deep interest and commitment to emotional wellness for parents and their babies.  Levita was born in India and moved to Australia to complete her doctoral degree. In India, Levita has worked in orphanages and psychiatric units in hospitals to support children and their caregivers. It was these experiences that led to her interest in attachment theory and the impact of trauma on neurobiology and attachments. In Australia, she has worked in both public and private settings.

Levita’s personal and professional experience has influenced her to develop a special interest in the effects on intergenerational trauma on the brain and parent child attachment. She is also keenly interested in the intergenerational transmission of attachment styles. Often family of origin patterns and experiences influences how one parents. She works collaboratively with clients to uncover how these patterns influence current parenting choices and attachments. Levita also understands the need for parents to find solutions to their problems so they can move towards an enjoyable experience of parenting.  Her work is grounded in Attachment Theory, Psychodynamic Theory, and Family Systems Theory. She is eclectic in her approach and draws from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Client Centred Therapy and more recently Brain Based Therapies, and tailors strategies based on client’s needs. Her approach with clients is warm, engaging, humorous and collaborative. An approach of ‘working together’ helps clients feel safe to explore and reflect on their strengths and weakness, and subsequently make conscious choices in parenting.  Levita enjoys walking with parents and infants on their unique journey during this formative time. Babies are welcome to sessions.

In her spare time, Levita enjoys cooking, meditation and reading.


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