Meet our perinatal psychologist in Meridian Plains, offering Telehealth only services.

Location Address

Liesel Carroll Clinical Psychology - Telehealth exclusive services
PO Box 6327
Meridan Plains QLD 4551

Liesel Carroll
Clinical Psychologist
B Social Work, B Science (Hons in Psych), M Clin Psych 

Liesel has developed a particular interest in working with individuals during the perinatal period as she recognises this being a time of considerable personal change and reflection. Becoming a parent often presents challenges like no other life stage; expectations and reality can differ greatly, and Liesel considers it a privilege to work with individuals as they develop into becoming the parents they seek to be. 

Liesel is passionate about working with women who have experienced complex or challenging experiences in their own upbringings and supporting these women to develop their sense of self and confidence in their role as a Mum. 

Liesel works with a range of concerns that occur or impact during the perinatal period, and particularly focuses on adjustment issues within family relationships, birth trauma, grief and loss, and changes to own sense of identity. 

Liesel draws on an attachment focus, whilst using evidence-based therapies including EMDR, ACT and schema approaches, to work with an individual as they reduce distress, develop strengths and grow their compassionate understanding of themselves. 

All sessions are via telehealth, enabling partners and children to be present and included. Having recently moved from regional NSW, Liesel appreciates the value of offering telehealth services to individuals in areas where services are limited or difficult to access. 


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