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Bayswater Health
625 Mountain Highway
Bayswater VIC 3153

Wendy Martin
Perinatal and infant psychologist
BBSc. Grad.Dip Couns. Psych.; Grad.Dip.Mental Health Sciences (Inf and Parent Mental Health)

There are many changes, challenges and rewards in becoming a parent which Wendy is focussed on assisting with. Whether it is during the time of deciding to become pregnant, carrying the baby, dealing with the adjustment to the new baby, adapting to difficulty conceiving or bereavement, Wendy aims to provide an environment to discuss the client’s own unique experience in a safe and warm way.

Wendy is motivated to help parents understand how this new stage of life (whether it is the first baby or not) is impacting on their emotions and relationships. Her approach helps clients with relating to partners, parents and also with parenting older siblings of the baby. By establishing a warm therapeutic relationship Wendy aims to help parents understand their baby’s and their own experience more fully to gain confidence in parenting. This can lead to a happy secure bond with the baby and a more enjoyable experience of being a parent.

Wendy has been a psychologist for over 20 years and has specialised in her passion, perinatal psychology, for the majority of that time. In addition to her private practice she worked at an inpatient Mother Baby Support Unit/Early Parenting Centre for 12 years and currently works in a Perinatal Mental Health Unit providing individual counseling and  group psychoeducation to new parents.

Wendy uses therapeutic approaches that come from an understanding of Attachment Theory, psychodynamic object relations theory, Interpersonal Therapy and psychoeducation. Babies are always welcome to attend the sessions.


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