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Mobile home visiting service covering Manly West and Redlands Coast regions
Manly West QLD 4179

Dr Lisa-Marie Scott
Clinical Psychologist

B.A. (York), MPsych/Phd (Melb)

Dr Scott is a registered and endorsed Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years experience in community and mental health. She offers a unique in-home visiting service for those who are unable to attend clinic appointments.  She has special interest in the areas of perinatal mental health, eating disorders, and Carer’s issues (for carers with children with special needs).

Dr Scott works with women and girls over the age of 16.  Her therapeutic style encourages the exploration of personal values, as well as emphasises self-acceptance and the development of values-driven goals. Only evidence-based psychological treatment methods are used in her approach to therapy.

Her main areas of interest for which she has specialised training and experience include: women’s mental health, perinatal issues from pregnancy to postpartum, multiple births, adoption, carer (disability) issues and eating disorders/body image issues.    



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