The Conscious Mother Weekend Retreats

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by Kirstin Bouse

Have you always wanted to be a ‘good’ mother? Or even a ‘great’ mother?

Do you long to face each day with confidence that you will, more often than not, embody the qualities that YOU believe are important as a mother.

Do you want to create a loving and nurturing relationship with your children, knowing that their memories of their childhood and adolescence will be filled with your kindness, understanding, playfulness as well as your passion and drive?

Do you want to do this WITHOUT sacrificing who YOU are as a woman? Without forgoing YOUR dreams?

Then the Conscious Mother Weekend Retreat is for you.

Fall back in love with being a mother

Motherhood is glorious and it is scary! One moment we feel flooded with love and kindness and we know we’ll do anything for these little people. And the next moment we’re confused and overwhelmed.

We swing between stressing, rushing and yelling to being disconnected and absent. In our quiet moments we feel SO far from the mother we want to be and vow to do ‘better’ next time. But on those stressful days, we start all over again.

And in those moments, when we need someone to support and encourage us, we are often the ones who fail to support ourselves the most.

I get it. As a mother of four and a Clinical Psychologist, I hear the stories mothers share, where they wish they’d done better. Thankfully, I also get to see mothers grow, become more empowered and learn to fall back in love with being a mother!

And during this weekend retreat that is exactly what you will discover.

Running in Perth and Melbourne, for more information, head over to the Conscious Mother website and register your interest.

About the Author

Kirstin Bouse is a clinical and forensic psychologist with considerable years of experience and special interest in all facets of parenthood. She maintains a private practice in Bedford and Wembley, Perth.  Kirstin is the author of the book The Conscious Mother: A Simple Guide to Mothering with Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Confidence and Connectedness.

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